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We Create Polished and Professional TV and Radio Ads on Your Behalf.

Who has the time or expertise to put professional commercials together these days?

As a car dealer, the creation of your own local TV ads or radio spots can be more than just a small hassle.

Aside from wanting to create your own spin and personality for your dealership, you're suddenly thrown in the mix of hundreds of details and factors – set issues, talent, script writers, media buyers, and the unexpected hours of work in the "editing bay" to approve that final production.

Thanks to iAuto Marketing Co-Founder Chris Price, you now have an experienced professional to handle every facet and detail of radio and TV ad production for you. (In fact, he actually likes it.)

As a longtime dealership owner, Chris Price has created hundreds of his own radio ads and TV commercials, and now creates the same for auto dealers anywhere in North America. He doesn’t even have to be "on set" to get it done for you.

Because he knows and understands the message you're trying to get across, Chris aptly handles the ins and outs of writing, taping, editing, and media buys and placement. In fact, Chris will secure your 30-second spot media buys, and then negotiate "bookends" for your ads so that when a commercial break occurs, you have the first memorable 15 seconds AND the last 15 seconds before the programmed show begins again. It’s a phenomenal way to create twice the number of impressions and, with Chris Price as your front man, those 15 seconds get your message across loud and clear.

With iAuto Marketing's TV/Radio Program, you'll find yourself:

  • Making fast, effortless decisions based on the knowledge and data we provide,
  • Seeing an end product in just days or a couple weeks (not delayed weeks on end),
  • Paying far less in production costs and placement costs than you ever thought possible.
  • Reaping the unique branding benefits of a citywide television or radio campaign.

Contact Us with the form on this page, or Call Chris Price directly at 901-533-3673 to discuss your new presence on local television and radio!

P.S. With new leads coming in the door from your TV or radio campaign branding efforts, consider utilizing iAuto Marketing’s Phone Training Program. It offers inexpensive, one-on-one weekly training to your key sale staff so the increased number of car buyers coming to your showroom leave with an increased number of your cars!

CONTACT US today to hear samples of our custom radio work.

Radio remains an affordable and effective way to broadcast your message to your customers. It is our opinion that radio campaigns are most effective when used as a supplement to Televison and internet marketing.

iAutoMarketing’s radio ads for our late summer campaigns include:

  • Voice Talent
  • Music Mixing and Mastering
  • Formatting and Placement
  • Full Disclaimer

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Traditional broadcast advertising is still incredibly effective and viable in today’s market. Our timely campaigns include:

  • spokespersons
  • custom graphics
  • creative management
  • media placement
  • formatting and delivery
  • 30 or 15 second spots

See the proof for yourself.

Contact Us with the form on this page, or Call Us Today at 1-800-403-7538 to discuss your custom strategy to success.


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iAuto is a Marketing and Consulting Agency designed to assist Auto Dealers stay focused on their core strategies of selling and servicing automobiles. We bear the weight of centralizing your advertising and assisting with internal processes of driving traffic, creating winning processes and recruiting staff for your dealerships.

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Contact Us with the form on this page, or Call Us Today at 1-800-403-7538 to discuss your custom strategy to success.

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